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Black Jewels Trilogy fanfiction and fanart exchange
what we are
winsol_exhange is a fanfiction exchange focusing on the world of the Black Jewels Trilogy by Anne Bishop. This includes the original trilogy, The Invisible Ring, Tangled Webs, The Shadow Queen and Dreams Made Flesh. Works by Anne Bishop not part of the world of the Blood are not under this jurisdiction at this time. The exchange will run from mid-September to early December, giving everyone plenty of time to get their stories done even with heavy schedules (which we fully understand and sympathize with).

what are the specifics
Sept. o8-21 :: sign-ups!
Sept. 22-30 :: mods make writing assignments
Oct. o11! :: writing assignments go out via email!
Dec. o1 :: reminders go out to all writers that deadline is approaching
Dec. 15 :: all stories due via email to mods
Dec. 16-21 :: stories posted in comm by mods for all to enjoy

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